International Day of Maximal Hotness

Happy IDMH!

Today is the 4th Annual International Day of Maximal Hotness, a day when you should look your best and be nice to others.

Maximal Hotness started four years ago as a plan to be in great shape for the Summer. It has grown to encapsulate the principles of kindness as a way to balance the mind and body. We all know that life can be a little superficial, so today, if no other day of the year: be hot, be nice.

In case some of you have started late, check out Scott Herman Fitness for some awesome tips on getting into shape. Also, for some tips on practising kindness, here are two links that can get you going: Acts of Kindness, and don Miguel Ruiz’s great site about self-awareness.

Your Maximal Hotness is something you can achieve in your lifetime. Practiced daily, great changes can come for the better. And if just one person is inspired to do what you can do, then we have success.

Good luck, and have a terrific day!

PS: Let me know about the things you did today!

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